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International Diploma in Supply Chain Management-English (MLS)

World Recognized International Diploma in Supply Chain Management from International Trade Centre (ITC) In Collaboration with World Trade Organization (WTO) Geneva.

Internationally Recognized Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Certificate-Level Training is Delivered by Over 60 Licensed Partners in More Than 40 Countries, With Consultation of ITC.

    Course Content:
    • 1st Module (Strategy and Planning)
      1. Supply Chain Context 5. Supply Positioning
      2. Organisational Strategy 6. Market Analysis
      3. Supply Chain Strategy 7. Market Analysis
      4. Purchasing and Supply 8. Finance in the Supply Chain  
    • 2nd Module (Sourcing)
      1. Specifications 5. Obtain and Evaluate offers
      2. Specification Considerations 6. The Tender Process 
      3. Supplier Appraisal Design 7. Preparing Negotiations
      4. Appraising Suppliers  8. Negotiating
    • 3rd Module (Operations)
      1. Contract Management Setup 5. Implementing Performance Evaluation
      2. Managing Contract  6. Evaluating Supplier Performance
      3. Contract Disputes 7. Operations Management
      4. Evaluating Purchasing and Supply Performance 8. Process Support Systems 
    • 4th Module (Logistics)
      1. Logistics Management  5. Warehousing 
      2. Quality in the Supply Chain 6. Packaging 
      3. Inventory  7. Transportation
      4. Managing Inventory 8. Customer Relationship Management 


    For Whom

    Managers, Executives, Practitioners in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, University Graduates or School Leavers seeking Professional Qualifications.

    Entry Requirements

    Pass in the G.C.E. (A/L) with a Credit Pass in English at the G.C.E (O/L).



    One Year (Saturdays Online Lectures)

    Course Fees & Commencement
    Module I Rs.180,000 (Can paid as three installments)
    Module 2 Rs.180,000 (Can paid as three installments)
    Module 3 Rs.180,000 (Can paid as three installments)
    Module 4 Rs.180,000 (Can paid as three installments)


    10% Discount available for Past Students of ISMM.
    5% Discount available for New Students of ISMM.
    0% Interest Instalment plans available for Commercial Bank Credit Card Holders.
    (T & C Apply).

    Course Commencement: 

    Batch Commencement  Programme Officer / Programme Executive
    MLS/E/C/Sat/1-2023 8 April 2023 Mr. Chamara (0760106572)
    MLS/E/C/Sat/2-2023 August 2023 Mr. Chamara (0760106572)
    MLS/E/C/Sat/3-2023 December 2023 Mr. Chamara (0760106572)