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ISMM celebrates 43rd anniversary


Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Secretary General and CEO Mangala P.B.Yapa on Friday highlighted the invaluable service rendering by the Institute of Supply and Materials Management (ISMM) to train personnel in the field of supply chain management.


He made these remarks at the 43rd anniversary of ISMM held at Waters Edge, Battaramulla. Vice Chancellor, Open University of Sri Lanka Prof. S. A. Ariyadurai and members of ISMM Milinda Obeysekara and Dhananjaya Dharmaratne were also present.


Speaking on the occasionr Mangala Yapa said at a time when the international borders are fading away and tariff barriers were removed, the professional bodies such as ISMM has to play a huge role in capacity building to support the industry.


Mangala Yapa also commended the ISMM officials for establishing such a professional institute for creating world-class professionals every year as the country needs the services of such personnel to carry out future development activities.


Established in 1972, the mission of ISMM is to focus attention towards creating professionals through upgrading skills, knowledge and attitudes that makes a wholesome professionals in supply Chain Management.


The ISMM currently conducts highly professional educational courses including Graduate Diplomas and International Diplomas in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, courses in Shipping, Air Cargo and Containerization, courses in Stores Management and Purchasing Management, Storekeeping and courses in International Trade.


ISMM, President Noel Wickramasinghe highlighted the service rendered by the institute to the field of supply and material management in the country and said even the new Government wants to set up a National Procurement Commission to streamline government procurement to rationalize the procurement system.


The head table


He said the Government has also realized the importance of the professionals' involvement in the entire procurement process.


"We saw lot of criticism against the previous government's procurement practices where unqualified personnel were in charge of most the procurement deals".


He said the time has come to put their knowledge into practice for the benefit of the country and not to allow unqualified individuals to tarnish their image.


" Today corruption had become a popular topic in mainstream discussion and it has become a common practice to point fingers at procurement officers. Most of these officers who are not qualified professionals and are guilty of adopting past practices without exercising duty-diligence".


They blatantly seeking the lowest price without following the basic principals of procurement.


He also invited members of the institute to continue their partnership and treat this profession with respect and carry it forward to become the best in the field of supply chain management as pioneers of the supply chain education the institution needs to be very vigilant in the competitive market.


Wickramasinghe also said the institution has already planned to negotiate with the University of Colombo and the Open University for an MSC Programme for their members in future.


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